Current Cases

Talcum Powder Products

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder lawsuits are being filed against the manufacturers of products containing talcum powder, claiming that these products can cause ovarian cancer when used for feminine hygiene.

Xarelto Products


The widely prescribed blood thinner Xarelto is the subject of thousands of lawsuits nationwide. Plaintiffs in these lawsuits claim that Xarelto caused serious injuries such as bleeding and stroke that led to hospitalization and, in some instances, proved to be fatal.

Invokana Pill Bottle


Studies have shown that the diabetes drug Invokana and other SGLT2 inhibitor drugs may cause serious side effects. Our Invokana attorneys are investigating lawsuits on behalf of people who took Invokana and suffered a serious side effect.



Risperdal is an antipsychotic drug that has been shown to cause gynecomastia, a rare condition where boys and men grow breasts. Janssen Pharmaceuticals has already paid billions to settle Risperdal lawsuits that alleged the drug was illegally marketed towards patient populations at a higher risk for serious side effects. Many more Risperdal lawsuits have been filed in courts around the country and are awaiting trial.

Reglan Pills


The acid refulx drug Reglan has been linked to a neurological disorder called tardive dyskinesia that causes involuntary muscle movements.

Zofran Tablets


Use of the anti-nausea drug Zofran (generic name – ondansetron) during the first ten weeks of pregnancy has been linked to the development of congenital cardiac malformations and cleft lip and cleft palate deformities.


Testosterone Therapy

Recent studies have linked Androgelâ„¢ and other related testosterone therapies to an increased risk of heart attack and other cardiac events. If you have been taking Androgelâ„¢ or a similar testosterone treatment, and you have suffered from a side effect such as heart attack, stroke, or blood clot, please contact our attorneys.

Yaz Pills


The birth control medication Yaz and Yasmin can cause blood clots, stroke and other dangerous side effects. More than 10,000 lawsuits have been filed against Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and many have already settled.

Hip Replacement

Stryker LFit V40 Hip Replacements

On August 29, 2016, medical device manufacturer Stryker issued a recall involving the LFIT V40 femoral head implant. The recall was issued after Stryker received numerous reports of problems and hip failures associated with the LFIT V40 femoral heads.

Mirena UID

Mirena IUD

Levin Sedran & Berman is evaluating injuries caused by Mirena IUD contraceptives, manufactured by Bayer Inc. Mirena is implanted in the uterus but can migrate to other areas of the uterus, requiring surgery to locate and to remove the device.

Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall

Drywall was imported from China from 2004 to 2008 because the domestic wallboard industry could not meet the demands of the housing market boom and substantial rebuilding efforts following the destructive hurricanes in 2004 and 2005. The imported Chinese drywall releases sulfuric gases that corrode metal appliances and components in homes. Residents of these homes also complain that the gases result in headaches, respiratory and skin ailments.

NFL Concussion Litigation

NFL Players’ Concussion Litigation

In the In re National Football League Players’ Concussion Injury Litigation, Arnold Levin of Levin Sedran & Berman is Subclass Counsel for Subclass 1 of the nationwide settlement between the NFL and NFL Properties and retired NFL players, their representatives and family members. The retired NFL players sued, accusing the NFL of not warning players and hiding the damages of brain injury.