Environmental Damage Lawsuits

Environmental catastrophes and toxic spills can cause long-term health consequences and major economic disruptions.

Clean air, clean water, and rich soil are all critical to sustain life and health.

Accidents that cause major harm to the environment can have long term consequences for both people and animals in the affected areas. Environmental disasters ranging from nuclear meltdowns to oil spills can disrupt the lives of millions of people at the same time, causing serious health problems and costly economic damage.

Leaders in environmental lawsuits.

Toxic substances like lead paint, asbestos, or improperly purified water can also have serious health consequences in populations that may not even know they are at risk.

When a man-made environmental disaster or toxic substance exposure occurs, class action litigation can provide effective recourse for businesses and people. Individuals and businesses acting as plaintiffs in such cases may gain compensation for property damage, income disruption caused by evacuation, medical expenses, and other damages.

Our Background in Environmental Damage Litigation

Levin Sedran & Berman have litigated some of the most prominent environmental class action and mass tort lawsuits in American history. We have represented both individuals and businesses successfully in these cases. With over 35 years of experience litigating environmental mass tort cases, we are one of the premiere law firms in the United States in this area.

Our experienced attorneys have successfully litigated environmental damage and pollution cases such as:
Three Mile Island radiation poisoning
Exxon Valdez oil spill
BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill

US News & World Report gave our firm its Tier 1 award for Mass Tort and Class Action Litigation on behalf of plaintiffs nationally—one of just thirty six US law firms with that prestigious designation. Our firm also has a similar Tier 1 designation among Philadelphia law firms.

Due to our reputation in the field of environmental litigation, courts often appoint us to serve to leadership positions in such cases to provide expert guidance and organization.