Remington Class Action Settlement Approved

A final settlement has been approved in a class action lawsuit against Remington that alleges trigger defects in as many as 7.5 million Remington guns. The landmark settlement allows owners of these popular Remington firearms to have the triggers replaced free of charge, reducing the threat of accidental discharges.

The class action lawsuit alleges that the triggers in these guns are defective and can cause the guns to fire without someone pulling the trigger. Despite thousands of documents that show Remington knew about the defect and covered it up for decades, Remington denies any wrongdoing in the case.

Remington Class Action Settlement Details

The settlement allows owners of eligible Remington firearms to:

  1. Have the trigger mechanism retrofitted with a new X-Mark Pro or other connectorless trigger mechanism free of charge
  2. Receive a voucher code for Remington products to be used at Remington’s online store; and/or
  3. Be refunded the money they spent to replace their Model 700 or Seven’s original Walker trigger mechanism

Owners of the following Remington firearms are eligible to be class members and receive the settlement benefits:

Remington Firearms Eligible for Settlement
Model 700
Sportsman 78
XP-100 bolt-action pistol

If you own one of these Remington guns, stop using your firearm immediately until your trigger mechanism is replaced.

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